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Feb 1, 2010 2:30am EST
with relatives. went to school off and on, and stayed with a family friend, rick chavez when his father was busy. >> he was financially, you know, in a bind for a while. >> narrator: as for derek, he had been living with that foster family for about six years when he started acting out. so in the fall of 2001 his foster family sent him back to his father. dad and boys together again. seven weeks later terry king was dead. it happened the sunday after thanksgiving. fire fighters responding to a house fire found king dead in his recliner, his head smashed in. the boys, now 12 and 13 were gone. two days later rick chavez turned them over to police, and that's when they confessed. >> i made sure he was asleep, i got the bat, and i hit him over the head. >> derek said he did the killing. >> i hit him once and i heard him groan, and then i was afraid that he might wake up and see us so i just kept on hitting him. >> alex said he was behind it all. the boys also admitted they had started a fire to cover up the killing. >> a lot of anger just so overwhelming that i just did what i thought was right. >>
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Feb 3, 2010 3:00am EST
taken with hugo chavez. he is, after all, proof, it can happen, a third way, a new castro, anti-capitalist david taking down the goliath. being around him means you are not just an over paid movie star, but an over paid movie star that matters. where are they now? in the last few weeks chavez blames the u.s. for the earthquake and then he national lysesed a grocery chain and devalued currency and beats the crap out of his sit sins. -- citizens. i ask again, where is hollywood? why hasn't penn condemned chavez for talking about our military. and what about glover? an earthquake machine is too farfetched for him. and what about miss campbell? i'm sure she can take a break from beating her assistants with phone to tell him to lighten up. they treat political issues like fendi handbags and flourishes meant to hide their greed. and m coming out against a tyrant won't earn you point with james cameron. the protesters deserve it anyway. they don't even shop at whole foods. if you disagree with me, you are probably a white devil. >> there you go. >> thank you, you like that? anything yo
Feb 5, 2010 6:00pm EST
repartidas en varios focos... en venezuela,el presidente hugo chavez acuso hoy a los gobiernos de estados unidos y canada de atacar a su gobierno y apoyar a grupos opositores encabezados por estudiantes universitarios, para generar violencia en venezuela... chavez tambien rechazo los comentarios del embajador de estados unidos en brasil, thomas shanon,
FOX News
Feb 2, 2010 3:00pm EST
. protesters claim hugo chavez is turning the country into a dictatorship. he calls them agitators but a growing shortage of basics like water, electricity, are making it harder for the regime to quell opposition. steve harrigan is live in venezuela. >> if you turn on a tv here, you'll see the same picture, president hugo chavez giving a speech. despite his dominance in the media, his polls are slipping. >> no water for two days and weeks. >> a typical monday, no water from the tap. tuesday, still no water. no electricity either. blackouts kill stop lights and make a dangerous city more dangerous at night. money and local boulevard is worth have as much in dollars as it was a month ago. people lining up to buy appliances before the price doubles. most students to fight hugo chavez are fighting for ideas like freedom of speech. the president appears to relish the battle. the minister of defense, police chiefs, if they block the road gas them with strong gas. the outcome may depend on who joins the students, those who may not take to the streets for a tv station but are angry over th
Feb 7, 2010 11:00pm EST
because of the road conditions but that's for the the only trouble with travel tonight. roby chavez is live at the cleveland metro park stop? north west. obviously we're having some problems with roby's live shot there. let's move on to some information about amtrak trains right now. starting tomorrow amtrak acela expression will operate out - express will operate out of boston. actually acela express between boston and washington will be back in service. there are a wide range of cancelations for contains coming from or headed south. train 85 from richmond to d.c. is canceled. you can find a full list of cancellations on our website >>> one of the big stories to come from the storm, power outages. a quick look at where things stand right now. pepco is reporting more than 46,000 customers are still in the drk. about 12,000 dominion customers restored. a little more than 7,000 bge customers have no power. one ever the hardest hit areas? montgomery county. our coverage continues with matt ackland live in bethesda with the very latest out there. >> reporter: want to update
Feb 7, 2010 10:00pm EST
it will have tomorrow. fox 5's robb by chavez is live -- rogy chavez is live. >> reporter: the region remains paralyzed. mass transportation not really an option. the news of the hour is metro remains crippled and conditions at airport are uncertain. that news late on a sunday night has left many people scrambling for other ways to get to work. it's been a race around the clock. metro is rushing to get the rail cars ready for the monday morning rush. above ground has been locked up and shut down since the blizzard. it has all left passengers worrying about the monday morning commute. >> the closest metro stop to me is the gallaudet new york avenue. i don't even know if it's going to be open tomorrow. so i'm kind of looking at a hike to union station if i have to get to work tomorrow morning. >> reporter: here's the plan. metro says commuters should expect limited underground rail service starting at 7:00 in the morning. metro bus will have fewer than two dozen lines in service from 9:00 a.m. till 7:00. metro access is suspended. with a questionable commute, some air travelers spent the night
Feb 9, 2010 9:00pm EST
incarnation of tea partying, for his trouble, he's being tea partied in his own district. also, hugo chavez has exactly three siyllables in all of life in common with brook shields. we'll tell what you those comments are. >>> we begin tonight with a ray of metaphorical sunshine in stormy, stormy washington. >> i am just an eternal optimist. >> mr. obama christening himself the eternal optimist during a surprise appearance today at the white house briefing room. it was his meeting earlier in the day with congressional republicans that piqued this outbreak of optimism. >> during our meeting, we also touched briefly on how we can move forward on health reform. let's put the best ideas on the table. my hope is, we can find enough overlap that we can say this is the right way to move forward, even if i don't get every single thing that i want. >> one of the things that john boehner and mitch mcconnell said they didn't think the status quo was acceptable. and that's right there, promising. >> no, no, it's not. it's not promising. because while you're talking about how you think you're close to be
Feb 24, 2010 11:00pm EST
for the police department. as fox 5's roby chavez tells us, he's helped make one northwest neighborhood a little safer. >> reporter: it was a night of honors. one by one meers of the metropolitan police department got praise their work credited for keeping crime in the district at its lowest level in four years. >> it means a lot. they work really hard. they make a lot of sacrifices. >> reporter: the officer of the year award went to one of the youngest officers alex, a beat cop already playing a pivotal role in the department. >> he is the ideal community policing officer. the officer actually was able to identify the suspect because he knows his beat. he knows the good people and the bad people and he helped us closes this case in a matter of days. it doesn't get better than that. >> reporter: it was a horrible crime. debra brown was an innocent bystander hit by a stray bullet and killed on 14th street while walking home from work. the officer's relationship with the columbia heights community led to the quick arrest. >> it was good to get a violent criminal off the street. >> reporter: after
Feb 6, 2010 8:00pm EST
venezuela about hugo chavez. william going to say may sound a little radical for what most people think of a cia analyst would think. a few years ago i read a book by a diplomatic historian about latin america, a fellow named martin and he made the assertion that i actually agree with and he said that ever since the end of the 19th century up to the present when the united states wanted something from latin america and it didn't get it by asking for it nicely it tended to get nasty. i can think of a lot of cases in which that happened. so the appearance from time to time people like hugo chavez or juan peron at times or other latin american populist leaders i think is the payback that we've gotten and having a big stick policy towards this region i am not exactly sure how quickly and why we developed this hegemonic approach or attitude, and i think it did begin in the late 19th century because before that all the we were interested in latin america it may have actually begun to some extent it may have been a foreshadowing of that in the monroe doctrine of course written by john quincy a
Feb 8, 2010 11:00pm EST
tomorrow. roby chavez is live at the friendship heights metro station. roby? roby, can you hear news. >> reporter: how about this for a headline. enough already. if you're going to be tramping the rest of the -- traveling the rest of the week, it's simply going to be -- >> we apologize. apparently we are having some problems there with roby's live shot. but basically he was going to give us an pdate on metro letting us know the above ground train stations will be running tomorrow but on a limited service. also below ground they will be running. i believe some of those trains are coming every 30 minutes or so. we'll try to get back in touch with roby and give you an update when we get more information. >>> amtrak acela express trains ran on full service today. they plan to do the same thing tomorrow fothe washington- boston route. some northeast regional trains were canceled. right now amtrak is still finalizing its service plans for tomorrow. >>> tonight house -- tonight thousands of people are still wihout power. dominion power has under 2,000 outages and pepco 17,000. imagine going
FOX News
Feb 25, 2010 1:00am EST
. in cancun, mexico, venezuelan president chavez and columbian president uribe got into a 7th grade spat. first uribe called chavez a coward and told him to be a man. chavez told uribe to go to hell. yikes! the good news is any trouble in tomorrow's summit will be live on tv. after drinking do not climb out on a cliff. after a night of the partying this sky in australia scaled down the bottom of the cliff to watch the sunrise. only wearing a swimsuit the drunk man stuck more than 300 feet above the ocean. apparently he was not too stressed out he did fall asleep on the ledge. rescue workers used a helicopter to reach the man. they woke the stranded climber and pulled him to safety. simple message, just say no to smoking. nothing controversial, right? not always. anti-teen smoking nadempalli france causing a huge uproar. the slogan is: to smoke is to be a slave to tobacco. you can see the picture in the ad are sexually suggestive. critics say the ad goes too far. the makers of the ad say they want to show children smoking is naive and submissive. in france 25% of 18-year-olds are daily sm
Feb 14, 2010 10:00pm EST
up day. fox 5's roby chavez is here with the story. >> reporter: it was an ambitious plan. fairfax county was going to use the holiday as a way to make up for a day missed last wednesday. instead the schools will remain closed and official are asking volunteers to show up at a school near their home to clear sidewalks and bus stops. as crews continue the effort to clear a path at schools, parents and students are just getting word that fairfax schools will not open monday as pl kids will gladly take the day off. >> i forgot to do my homework and i was thinking i was going to go back tomorrow. >> so it's good you're off. >> it caught me off guard. i certainly understand it's a large county and they have to make sure it's safe for everyone. >> reporter: what had been planned as a make up day has become a snow day. the county says it's about safety. kids have got to walk to school. we have 57,000 kids that walk to school. a lot of other kids walk to bus stops. we were concerned about the sidewalk and streets approaching the school. as well as just where are we putting the snow we're g
Feb 6, 2010 11:00pm EST
park at the metro station, roby what vez, fox 5 news -- roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> great job. get in and get warm. >> you remember those rfews, right? >> i still have one. >> mine was always 10:00. >>> our fox 5 team fanned out across the region covering this one from every angle. hi, wisdom. >> reporter: the cleanup at the bowie town center continues. they're working hard to clean up the sidewalks the customers can come here and do their shopping tomorrow at 11:00. we've got a live report coming up. fox 5 news continues after the break.  . >>> the snow stopped but the problems from the blizzard of 2010 will linger a lot longer. >> the problem really for most of us is what do we do with the big piles of snow that your car is buried in. wisdomartin live in bowie where there is a major effort underway we understand to come up with an answer there. >> reporter: that's right. now the cleanup begins. the snow has to be taken somewhere. they plan to open at 9:00 tomorrow. the crews have been here working for more than 50 hours trying to get things ready, includ
Feb 7, 2010 5:00pm EST
be a bad idea. let's go over to reagan national and roby chavez standing by. i imagine it's a bit of a ghost town there. >> reporter: we've not heard the sound of a plane since friday. many of these airlines had hoped to get those flights back in the air by today but that didn't happen. some passengers showed up today but quickly learned that was just wishful thinking. a jumbo task to clear the runway to get snow bound passengers back in the air again. the cleanup has kept crews busy. at reagan national a few passengers are waiting for that magic moment. this woman, though, is over t. she got stuck on a layover friday. >> i'm still stuck here. i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: you've been here since friday? >> yeah. it's costing me a lot. i spent like $300. i just want to go back to new york. >> reporter: the gates are bare without a plane in sight. air travel stopped friday afternoon. it's been a lonely wait. >> very boring. nothing to do. watching these men out here clean up the snow. there's nothing else you can do. >> what you fear most is you're going to leave.
Feb 14, 2010 7:00am EST
kennedy does on the commercials we run and say thanks to our friends in venezuela, hugo chavez. i mean, can you do that in the commercial world, right, susan? very hard to run for congress and say let's hear it for hugo chavez in venezuela, right? >> i think that's true though a lot of people in massachusetts wonder why their own government isn't giving them discounted oil. >> right. >> the thing with patrick, i don't think it needs he needs to be out of the public eye. i think the actual environment of washington, d.c. right now, particularly without his father, is really not good for his health >> i completely understand anybody who chooses not to run for public office these days. i completely and utterly sympathize with them. a bit of patrick kennedy talking about his decision and his future. let's listen >> i think of this as kind of a sabbatical now. i mean, there may be a time in the future where i might choose to come back and seek elective office again, but right now, you know, i want a chance to experience another part of life, and -- and i'm very fortunate to have had the cha
Feb 7, 2010 6:00pm EST
a lot of travel trouble at this hour. let's go back live to roby chavez at reagan national airport with those details. >> reporter: maureen, this is the third day that area airports have been closed and that's been making it very tough for people to get around. many of the airlines had hoped to get the passengers back up and running into the air by today. but that simply did not happen for the most part. now, many passengers and for the airlines, it's now starting to take an economic toll. take a look at what it looks like at the airport, the runway as crews try to clean up if all this mess. it is a jumbo task to clean the runways, to get the snow bound passengers back into the air. many of the crews were kept busy for most of the day. here at reagan national airport, there are about two dozen passengers at have been waiting for the airports to reopen. some thought their flights would get the green light today but were quickly turned away. >> i checked online and showed that the flight was still on time. by the time i made it through the city to get over here, found out the flight
Feb 9, 2010 11:00pm EST
are changing. fox 5's roby chavez live in our newsroom with the news edge on metro. >> reporter: shut down again. the alert has already been sounded. the snow will once again limit transit service significantly. in fact, above ground service was halted about 9:00 tonight. so was metro bus. the troubles could last till the end of the week. for a short time today there was a small reprieve. on metrorail passengers welcomed the ride especially above ground, not the snow. >> we get nervous because we can't get home. >> reporter: for the first time in three days, above ground trains were rolling again but it was only a short ride. by late evening passengers already knew that they will have only underground service on wednesday. most are just grateful for any ride home. >> it's good to have it back. i work at the university of maryland. it's hard for me to get to work because the buses are down. >> reporter: it's the same on metro bus. passengers rushed to get home. wednesday there will be no service either. passengers are getting used to it. good you've got to what you've got to do, right? and
Feb 18, 2010 11:00pm EST
in a short time ago. fox a's roby chavez is live in bowie with the very latest. what do you know? >> reporter: brian, a horrible chain of events unfolded here inside the school at bowie high school this afternoon during basketball practice. the student that died here at the school was exercising with the basketball team. he fell, collapsed and later died. now, it is quiet here tonight at the school. but here is what we know about what happened inside the school this afternoon. the 16-year-old boy was at bowie high school and suddenly fell. it all happened about 4:00 this afternoon. officials say the boy was taking part in a basketball practice and was jogging around the gym. a teammate a short time ago tells us the basketball team was practicing and coaches made the boys run laps because someone was talking. after three laps the teen collapsed and never recovered. there were about 25 students in the gym at the time. this student who was in the gym tells me many of them were in ears. he also tells me that two fellow students tried to perform cpr on the student but it was unsuccessful. the boy
Feb 9, 2010 10:00pm EST
ground metro service is suspended. roby chavez continues our team coverage now. >> reporter: despite the driving snow, metro above ground was rolling again. passengers were just glad to see service finally restored, even if it is short lived. oh, wow. i've been waiting to get to this point for at least three days. >> it was great that metro extended the service, the above ground another day of just being limited would have been a headache for a lot of passengers. >> depending on weather conditions, metro service may change. >> reporter: with the new snow falling, metro alerted passengers the system may shut down with little notice. on wednesday it's already been announced it will be underground service only again. there will be no metro bus either. >> you know, you've got to do what you've got to do, right? if it's for the protection of the citizens, okay. okay, i'm for it. >> you're grateful for transportation. even though metro has its headaches, we are grateful for it. you know, we appreciate the effort they are making to take care of us. >> reporter: this winter will be one to re
Feb 11, 2010 10:00pm EST
the community dig out if all this snow. tonight we're taking you along for the ride. fox 5's roby chavez continues our team coverage. >> reporter: the d.c. national guard is on a mission. humvees are being sent into the snow covered streets ever the nation's capital -- of the nation's capital. >> i have yet to meet a snowbank that i couldn't plow through with this baby right here. >> reporter: sergeant carl hawthorne has logged many miles behind the wheel in the snow. 60 guardsmen like him have navigated through some tight spots. nearly 14 humvees have rolled out to attack the snowmageddon and the aftermath. rescuing police and even the elderly. >> the mpd offices, they got a call from a 67-year-old lady that needed her car dugout. we took those overs over there. we all helped her dig her car out. she was -- she was glad to see us. she was really happy to see us. >> reporter: the d.c. national guard has been traveling through barely plowed streets for the last week, since the last snowstorm. they have been essential to getting police, fire and even doctors to the hospital on time. >> we'
Feb 26, 2010 5:00pm EST
on with venezuela's hugo chavez. and what are their goals. and then we plan. it's a very good feeling as an advisor to work with people and help get them to their goals. once people perceive that they can control their destiny then they accomplish unbelievable things. [ male announcer ] we're america's largest financial planning company. meet us today at ♪ we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you? unprecedented strength, the stability of the leading community bank in the nation and with 12,000 atms and thousands of branches, we're with you in more ways and places than ever before. with you when you want the most from your bank. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. together we'll go far. >>> lisa sylvester is monitoring some of the other top stories in "the situation room" right now. what else is going on, lisa? >> hi, there, wolf. gulf war vets who say they returned with a mysterious illness wil
Feb 12, 2010 6:00pm EST
repulsiva copia del esquema fracasado del presidente venezolano hugo chavez...nebot tambien califico al gobierno de correa como oposicion derechista, reactivo su campana de resistencia contra el presidente rafael correa, tildandolo de dictador y amenaza para los intereses de esa prospera ciudad.... a pesar de tanta nieve en las calles.....hoy tuvimos una linda joranda aunque bastante fria muy por debajo de las temperaturas tipicas para esta epoca .....a esta hora cielo cubierto 36 es lo que esta marcando el termoemtro con vientos del noroeste a 8 mph sensacion termica por debajo del punto de congelacion .....,,,lo normal en esta epoca en cuanto a la maxima es de 46 gradso hoy unos 10 grados por deaabjo ...y eso no cambiara mucho en los proximos dias .....en cuanto a las actividades en nuestro mapa doppler satelital para nuestra region noesperamos muchos cambios qeu si la tormenta invernal afectando parte de las carolinas y georgia pero nada compardo con lo que fue en nuestra region....pero no se preocupe que por ahora noestara afenctando por aca esta n
Feb 5, 2010 6:00pm EST
house featured roby chavez live video here from 12th and you street. a -- u street. a lot of people are sending us in the live video, a lot of people are doing their own measurements, measuring sticks in the snow. i want to show you here, this is a live web cam here. this is kevin delaney. he is making sure that his measuring stick is not going to go anywhere in the storm. do we have you on the phone. >> yes, you do. how are you doing. >> reporter: tell me what you did here. >> i was inside earlier in the day. i saw you guys talking about the you stream and i have been doing this for a while. like when we have a storm, i set up a yardstick. this is the first time i have a camera on it. since you were talking about i had, i set it up. >> reporter: did you wade it down. >> there is no wind around here. we live in like a ditch. no wind. >> i saw you walking around earlier, are you outside. >> i'm here. i don't know if you can see me. maybe there is lag. >> get us closer to the cooler. why is the mario guy here. >> this is luigi. >> sorry. >> i figured i would put him in here to be funn
Feb 10, 2010 6:00pm EST
forward to the five- day. hope is ahead, i hope. anyway, thank you, sue. >> going to roby chavez. he's live n dupont circle as the sun begins to settle. we haven't seen it all day and it's getting dark. i want a quick note, you represent la jolla hola there and i wish i was in new orleans and actually, you know, it feels like a hurricane at times. the way the wind is blowing and you can feel it against your back when it blows, you can feel it and we want to take to you connecticut avenue and show you what is going on. nothing, folks, they're heeding the warning, staying off the roads and the roads in connecticut avenue, under dupont circle and as the wind blows around, the plows have been through here a couple of times now. you can see a huge snow bank on the side of the roads. i want to lest you up now into the sky and show you how the wind is blowing around. i am not sure howell the camera is picking it up. the wind is blowing, the snow from on top of the rooftops and blowing and whipping it around as if it's still snowing -- on snowing. when it blows in your face and is intense, c
Feb 17, 2010 11:00pm EST
to tell the city he hired a qualified person. >> roby chavez tonight with the exclusive. >>> powerful testimony today inside a rockville courtroom. a 9-year-old girl testified in the murder trial of the woman she calls her ex-mother. renee bowman is accused of killing two of her three daughters and hiding their bodies in a freezer. while on the stand the little girl recounted the horror she claimed bowman put her and her sisters through. bowman face twos counts of murder. >>> the man charged with killing d.c. intern chandra levy wants his trial moved out of the district. media reports may have exposed potential jurors to evidence. levy disappeared back in 2001, her body found a year late near rock creek park. >>> the news edge on virginia's bucket cuts. $2.1 billion worth, money that could me from public schools. now it has some parents and teachers worried. roz plater live in the newsroom with their concerns. >> reporter: brian, parents are woried if the governor's budget cuts stand, it could mean far fewer teachers and much larger class sizes. the $730 million in cuts could also mea
Jan 31, 2010 10:00pm EST
't. fox 5's roby chavez is working this one from the news room tonight. >> reporter: according to the washington post poll support has dramatically eroded in all parts of the city and across all demographic groups. it has gone from a 72% to a dismal 42%. at this point, african-americans have turned in great numbers against adrian fenty. with just nine months until election day the once maverick mayor with the shining star finds himself tarnished. especially with african-americans. >> we look at what he's doing. he's not helping like he said he was going to help. he's looking out for him and his staff. >> i km pained for adrian fenty, door-to-door campaigning and i feel like, know what i mean, i was bamboozled because he's not doing nothing he said he was going to do. >> reporter: in fact a washington post poll showed the popularity reversal for fenty among blacks. 68% of blacks approved of adrian fenty during his first year. now 65% of blacks disapprove. at a metro stop ward 7 and 8 residents are not surprised at the numbers. >> i don't like a lot of thing. i don't like the way
Feb 1, 2010 9:00am EST
. 2 don't. roby chavez has more. >> reporter: with just 9 months until election day, the once maverick mayor with a shining star finds himself tarnished, especially with african- americans. >> we look at what he's doing. he's not helping like he said he was going to help. he's looking out for him and his staff. >> i campaigned for adrian fenty. i went door to door campaigning and i feel like i was -- i was bamboozled because he's not doing nothing. he's not doing nothing he said he was going to do. >> reporter: in fact a washington post poll shows a complete popularity reversal for fenty among blacks. 68% of blacks approved of fenty during his first year. but now 65% of blacks disapprove. at the anacostia metro stop ward 7 and 8 residents are not surprised at the numbers. >> i don't like a lot of ways. i don't like the way the city has been run and a lot of people can't step in and get employment like they need to. i don't like how a lot of people are going without food stamps and the social services business isn't good. why do we have so many homeless people? why are there so many abu
Feb 10, 2010 5:00am EST
: william chavez has been working nonstop for five days in the snow drop area. >> reporter: is it like this, one truck comes in, another -- goes back out. >> yes. >> he says the trick here are mainly working in virginia. is this going to be enough space to put all the snow that is out there. >> yeah, we have big space on the other side. >> reporter: according to at a spokes person for the woodrow wilson bridge, plans are to dump as much snow as psible. as the snow melts being it will drain into hunting creek which is considered a wetlands area and then into the potomac river so the wetlands serve as a filter. while there is still plenty of room here now, as more snow falls, this area will fill up and folk like william chavez will continue working around the clock. jurisdictions all over the area are facing similar problems. what to do with all the snow once they've gotten it off the roadways. in d.c., they are taking it over near rfk stadium. in maryland, they are taking a lot of the snow right outside the salt domes. underneath the wilson bridge, claudia coffey, fox 5 news. >> i was not a
Feb 12, 2010 9:00am EST
all of the snow. >> and we went along for the ride. roby chavez continues our team coverage. >>> the d.c. national guard is on a mission. humvees are being sent into the snow-covered streets of the capitol. >> i would hate to see a snow bank i couldn't plow through with this thing right here. >> he's logged many miles behind the wheel in the snow. they have navigated through tight spots. nearly 14 humvees have rolled out to attack t snomageddon and the after math, rescuing the eldery. >> and the officers got a call from a 67-year-old lady that needed her car dug out so we took those officers over there and we all helped her dig her car out. she was -- she was glad to see us. she ras real happy to see us. >> the d.c. national guard has been traveling through barely plowed streets for the last week, since the last snowstorm. they have been e getting police fire and even doctors to the hospital on time. >> we've been picking up out lying areas and those roads are really bad and some of them haven't been plowed sin the first storm. >> reporter: tonight the first stop was to help a police o
Feb 15, 2010 10:00pm EST
. and alexandria keeping kids home for another day, they decided at the last moment. fox 5 news roby chavez has more. >> reporter: brian, we'll zoom out for a moment and show you it is a clear walk to the door at george washington middle school. but school officials say they are just too concerned where students will be in the street, especially when snow plows are working and commuters are trying to get to work. that is why they decided at the last minute to keep schools closed. >> reporter: the buses will be parked for another day, no go for the schools. some bust drivers took a test run today and didn't like what tey saw. >> i think it was a good decision because most important is the safety of the children. you know? and staying out there on the bus today for a dry run it is still not -- that safe. >> reporter: it is a mixed bag in alexandria, we walked from the commons apartments and found some problems. but the closer you have you get to the schools the clearer it looks. this is george washington middle. but right next to that there was a huge ice mound. >> that will be a problem because
Feb 18, 2010 5:00am EST
, despite her public feuds with councilman barry, their relationship isn't what it seems. roby chavez has this exclusive report. did marion barry force you to give him money because he gave you a job? >> no. no, he did not. >> reporter: donna watts is speaking for the first time since a scathing investigation that accused councilmember marion barry of corruption. >> did he give you this job expecting some sort of sexual favors from you? >> he did not give me this job expecting some sort of sexual favors from me, no. >> reporter: the allegation barry secured a $15,000 contract for his ex-girlfriend donna watts and took kickbacks for himself. >> i do not know how the rlationship was between him and the nonprofits or anyone else that he does business with. but i knew for a fact it was not a kick back from me. >> reporter: barry was also accused of interfering with the investigation by trying to convince watts not it testify. >> did he ever tell what you to say in front of the investigation or what not to say or try to guide your hand at all. >> no, what not to say. he told me i would be a fo
Feb 20, 2010 12:05am EST
america. and he did this thing for hugo chavez and the crowd was interesting. the guy from the antique roadshow and danny glover and courtney love. strange crowd. >> and this is one of the best pictures i've ever seen. this is courtney love and hugo chavez. that would make a great quarter. a coin. >> jimmy: it looks like a new york times wedding announcement. mrs. and mr. love would like to congratulate their daughter in marrying a dictator. and did you meet him? >> no, i didn't meet him. too scared. >> jimmy: i don't blame him. i hear he eats soybeans. >> i'm sure he does. he's charismatic, though. >> jimmy: really? just watching him from affair? >> he exudes extreme confidence. >> he's a dictator. >> jimmy: part of the deal. we have a trailer -- not just a clip, but the trailer from the movie. hasn't been seen on television. i saw it, it's fantastic. shia labeouf, "wall street money never sleeps." shia labeouf, "wall street money never sleeps." we'll be right back with shia. lift weige strong ♪ l, ♪ know how to fight, stay out late, but be polite ♪ ♪ now find a nice gir
FOX News
Feb 23, 2010 5:00am EST
property. for example, hugo chavez is probably the best example of the socialist in power right now. and basically chavez can go in and do whatever he wants. if he doesn't like you you, he will take your business and close it down. he can take your house on some kind of violation. he has no compunction about doing that i draw the line -- you know, look, it's everybody's definition of what a socialist is. so that -- we will leave it there. now, when you have the country starting to define a sitting president as a socialist, is that working -- look, remember how they defined president bush. a liar. he lied about iraq, a dummy, didn't know anything. the same thing is going on with president obama. he is a socialist. this is no accident. that's how he is being portrayed by his political opponents. is that going to be effective? >> >> well, it's been effective already to some extent. i don't think we have seen in modern times for quite some time anything quite as strongly as the resistance to president obama on the breath of these programs and on the scope of these programs that he has t
Feb 12, 2010 5:00pm EST
joe kennedy does on commercials and says, thanks to our friends in venezuela. hugo chavez. you can do that in the commercial world, right, susan? it's hard to run for congress and say, let's hear it for hugo chavez in venezuela, right? >> i think that's true. a lot of people in massachusetts are wondering why their own government isn't giving them discounted oil. but i think with patrick, actually the entire environment of washington, d.c. right now, particularly without his father, is really not good for his health. >> i completely understand. anybody that chooses not to run for public office these days. i completely and utterly sympathize with them. here's a bit of patrick kennedy talking about his decision and his future. let's listen. >> i think of this as kind of a sabbatical now. there may be a time in the future where i might choose to come back and seek elective office again. but right now, you know, i want a chance to experience another part of life. and i'm very fortunate to have had the chance to serve. and i still have, you know, eight months left in my term. and i have a
Feb 15, 2010 9:00pm EST
to no less than hugo chavez, a major bank that received a federal bailout, and yemen, the middle easten nation that increasingly has become a target for training grounds." hey, you guys, miss me? want to know what i've been doing? ever heard of yemen? as it shakes out, evan bayh in typical evan bayh fashion, sort of did sucker punch his own party on his way out the door. but the effect of this last punch may well be mitigated for democrats because the republicans themselves have been doing a pretty good job of punching themselves out all this time. joining us now to sort this out is dan parker. he is chairman of the democratic party in indiana and he's getting a lot of attention today. mr. parker, thank you very much for your time tonight. really appreciate it. >> good evening, rachel. >> did you have any inkling that senator bayh was going to quit today? >> no, i did not. he did call me this weekend to let me know of his decision. we were actually planning on doing television ads this week, filming them, and we had the petition drive done and ready to file. but he came to his decision
Feb 1, 2010 5:00am EST
across the city across all groups. fox 5's roby chavez with a closer look as he breaks down the numbers. >> reporter: with just nine months until election day, the once maverick mayor with the shining star finds himself tarnished, especially with african-americans. >> we look at what he is doing. he is not helping like he said he was going to help. he is looking out for him and his staff. >> i campaigned for adrian fenty door to door campaigning and i feel like i was bamboozled really because he is not doing nothing. he is not doing nothing he said he was going to do. >> reporter: a "washington post" poll shows a complete popularity reversal if fenty among blacks. 68% of the blacks approved of fenty during his first year but now 65% of blacks disapprove. at the anacostia metro stop, ward sent and eight residents are not surprised at the numbers. >> i don't like a lot of things. i don't like the way the city is run. ion't like how a lot of people is going without their food stamps. the social services business isn't good. >> why do we have so many homeless people? why are there hospital
Feb 6, 2010 10:00pm EST
really every mode of transportation, including metro. fox 5's roshy chavez live -- roby chavez live now in cleveland park in the northwest washington area with details on how things are enfolding there. >> reporter: the big news tonight metro tonight is going to shut down all rail service at 11:00. that means if you're on metro right now, then this is the end of it. it's going to end at 11:00. metro says it's having problems getting its employees back and forth to work and also out of an abundance of concern for passengers because the roads are so bad, they say the next couple of days they may develop some staffing problems. so they're deciding to shut it down early. there are only 27,000 people traveling on the rails today. so they thought it was a good idea to go ahead and shut it down. might be a big problem because it is a saturday night. many people may have been relying on t. nonetheless it's going to shut down at 11:00. we want to show you the conditions out here in cleveland park. want to show you the road real quick. the ad in pretty good condition. the plows have been coming b
Feb 8, 2010 9:00am EST
. and it opened for sledders and roby chavez took it all in. maybe we don't have him. >> reporter: this is a fantastic treat. sledding at the u.s. capitol and it didn't take long to spread this rare event was happening. this kind of fun was foreboden on the hill but this was on the grounds of the u.s. capitol. >> well it's icy, especially over there. and it's got some bumps and if you hit a bump you can kind of get airborne a little. >> and how is that? >> it's super fun. >> reporter: and dozens took advantage of this nonbipartisan power slide. it was fun to see the strategy and technique and the wipeouts are the best. many know the hill can be an uptight place but today it was a place to unwind. >> it's fun. for kid this is age, it's fantastic. >> security usually tight. they let it up today. >> i'm glad to see that. there's not many hills in capitol hill. >> this is fun to go down and right now it's iced over so it's just a fun thing to do. >> reporter: most can't remember things being this relaxed on capitol hill since 9/11 so this is a real treat. let freedom ring on capitol h
FOX News
Feb 27, 2010 6:00am EST
that chavez and these guys get into. i don't think obama cares what you do in your spare time. >> what do you have in your spare time. >> bill: he doesn't care what you do. >> now we are getting to the communist kind of constitutions where you have a right to work. and then a right to rest. >> bill: look. there is no doubt about any of this. you and i agree which is, you know, why we are successful, because i think the folks agree with us, too. >> i don't know why i'm successful. >> bill: i don't either, to tell you the truth. [ laughter ] >> bill: you take it five steps further than i do. >> that was easy. >> bill: if you are going to give it to me, i'm going to take it it's not beneath me. what are you, crazy? there is nothing beneath me. watch the show. >> no, i don't watch the show. >> bill: that's why you don't know that. [ laughter ] >> bill: glenn beck, everybody. in a moment, the dumbest things of the week starring a congresswoman who wants to put some cia people in jail. don't miss this coming next. toyota has done a lot of search and a lot of work, and we've been open 24 hours a day
Feb 16, 2010 10:00pm EST
to keep residents from going down into the hole themselves. robbie chavez here now with the story. >> reporter: bryan, take a look, here he is the black lab mix takes the name of rescue dog. it took firefighters an hour to get him out. imagine the firefighter being lowered into the hole. this is the scene with a 20- foot drop. the prince george's firefighters that went down in the hole. >> it was a space that was partially water filled. initially going in the dog wasn't responding to my commands commands. >> porter: this is what it looked like inside the manhole, a small opening with a straight drop down with is cement below. ford says the dog was fright en frightened and cold but friendly. >> he came up and actually licked me in the face a couple of times. >> reporter: neighbors heard the dog barking near hollie and clark street. the drain may have been uncovered by a snowplow. >> the dog was scared, in the bottom and the. >> reporter: as the dog is lifted up his head is covered but notice, his tail is wagging. with a fall of more than 2 stories it's amazing he wasn't hurt. anima
Feb 25, 2010 11:00pm EST
with whipping winds. if you've been outside tonight, you know how strong those gusts can be. fox 5's roby chavez is live tonight with the wind warning. roby? >> reporter: indeed, will. we've been outside for the last couple of hours and we've felt the wind pick up. in fact, some gusts up to 40 miles per hour just within the last hour or so. it's really picked up making it feel a whole lot colder outside with wind chills in the teens. all night long as the wind picked up, the problem started to develop. the wind roared through the national mall creating a wind tunnel of sorts for tourists the washington monument was shut down early and the flags brought down due to sustained winds of 35 miles per hour. by nightfall everyone was feeling the wind. >> where i came from it wasn't very windy. when i got to the parking lot, i opened the door. it was super cold. >> reporter: the winter storm in the northeast wreaked havoc on travel, too. flights to dulles, new york, philadelphia and other areas were canceled or delayed. >> it's kind of irritable. you get here on tile and -- on time and you don't want to
Feb 1, 2010 12:00pm EST
in miami. >>> straight ahead -- hugo chavez and osama bin laden. >> we will explain that in a >> we will explain that in a couple of minutes. lling chase s, >>> a special tyrants edition of "empty calories" here on "power lunch." first, venezuela, tell me about this story. >> hugo chavez yesterday, rolling blackouts in venezuela because they have not invested in infrastructure. yesterday he and his environmental administrator said el nino, the name has to change because it's capitalist and racist and designed to hide the true clauses of what's going on which is global warming caused by us. >> be the name for -- the weather phenomenon. >> was more volatile weather. i wonder what he would suggest instead. >> a very, very long name, short for something about the equatorial pacific origin. >> the other "empty calories" that we've been thinking, we're always in search of these kind of look out your window unknown sort of things that pop up and make you think that perhaps things are going to nov a different direction. one of which is osama bin laden who recently said that world political
FOX News
Feb 11, 2010 9:00am EST
about electricity shortages after president chavez declared an energy emergency, the company even tolding -- holding a mayor meeting and encouraging -- a prayer meeting and encouraging workers to attend, the government vowing to punish business it is thinks use too much energy. chavez blames the crisis on drought that has cut water flow to a dam that provides venezuela's electricity. martha: this is a very important story today, earlier we showed you some of the haunting new imannuals that have just been released of what happened in lower manhattan on september 11th. now, these photographs offer a rare aerial view of the devastation in lower manhattan, just moments after the terror attacks. the thing that was strike to go me about these photographs is that they were taken by the new york police department aviation unit. they were taken by detective greg semidare as he was flying in a chopper over lower manhattan, witnessing all of this in an effort to help. the idea was these choppers might be able to pull people off the tops of buildings and sadly, as this detective reported, in
Feb 18, 2010 7:00am EST
. now the woman at the center of the scandal is telling her side of the story. roby chavez has the fox 5 exclusive. >> did marion barry force you to give him money because he gave you a job? >> no. no, he did not. >> reporter: donna watts is speaking for the first time since a scathing investigation that accused council member arion barry of corruption. >> did he give you this job expecting sexual favors from you. >> he did not give me this job expecting sexual favors from me,o. >> reporter: the accusation that marion barry gave his ex- girlfriend donna watts a job and took kickbacks. >> i don't know about the nonprofits he does business with but it's not a kickback from me. >> reporter: and barry is accused of interfering with the investigation by telling autopsies not to testify. >> reporter: did he ever try to tell you what to say and guide your hand at all. >> no. he told me i would be a fool to disclose everything that i had. >> reporter: in the council chambers monday barry fought back and privately insiders say he's worried. autopsies says he's defiant. >> i can't say he got what
Feb 6, 2010 10:00am EST
it down. venezuela had a mass protest last year with the addition of chavez being enshrined in the presidency. and in every case, people were put in prison. we have an angry voice and go but doing your business. this is uniquely american. we have 11 countries represented. they see this american exceptional as some. in many countries, it is not possible. that their sensibilities left, and the fact of the matter is, we are not firing bullets at each other. host: should governor palin throw her hat in the ring and decide she wants to run for president, with the tea party is supportive? guest: i will tell you my opinion. i think sarah palin is an extraordinary woman. her family has been attacked. she has been attacked. they joked about rape and. the lack of sympathy for her child has been borne by the family. i think it remains to be seen whether she is prepared to be president, but she certainly has been vetted. from our perspective, the common-sense concern of the values are things that people work said to be there appreciate and can identify with. the innovation and participa
FOX News
Feb 15, 2010 9:00pm EST
for chavez, that was going to be a tough' race. >> sean: granted the bayh name means a lot in indiana, in this environment everybody is susceptible. >> it was going to be a tough race. >> for every incumbent. >> even after massachusetts, obama didn't listen to the people and is continuing with his health care plan and bayh understood he has obama care to deal with and those are two issues going into a race -- >> i understand the point about being governor and congress and senate as governor you get things done, congress is much slower it can eat away at you. >> will you explain obamanomics. socially, you throw that word around, can i give you a tutorial on socialism sometime not on air. you use that word, it is nothing to do with socialism but it is a good line you use it all the time. let's bring reverend wright back in. how is that? >> sean: take methamphetamines before you came on? do you like governor palin? do you support -- is governor palin somebody -- >> i know you love governor palin. >> sean: i like her a lot. i don't love her. >> not in love with her but i know you are a fa
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